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I spent forever researching this back when I was obsessed with Mass Effect. Assuming you're equally partial to all classes, the best class is Infiltrator 10 votes, 15 comments. I haven't played ME3 SP in years so I don't know the best class build post 2012-2013. I do recall playing Vanguard and

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Game-play wise, I think the other 5 classes are way more fun. The gun-play isn't what stands out about these games in my opinion; it's all about the powers! The biotic 1. level 1. Wolf-of-the-Gang. · 3y. I haven't played ME1 yet (I know, shame on me.), but my favorite class (and what I think is the best and versatile class) in The Engineer class has always been good, but has been drastically improved in Mass Effect 3 to help it compete on the offensive end with some of the other

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  1. Mass Effect 3 was just released and I had a chance to play the game and experiment with the 6 different classes in the game. They are Soldier, Adept, Engineer
  2. 3. Sentinel. Best Class Mass Effect. If you want a more simple and passive way to play with the unique Tech and Biotic abilities, while also being sort of a
  3. 2) Infiltrator. 3) Vanguard. All the pure classes get dull as they don't offer any versatility. With the successive improvements to the combat system throughout

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  1. The best thing you can do to help your team as a Soldier on Gold is to choose another class before the game starts. I see dead people. For my human soldier I run
  2. Lastly, Mass Effect 3 makes the non-Soldier Classes even more viable thanks to the combo system, which allows tech and biotic-derived Classes combine powers
  3. The Vanguard is a core class in Mass Effect 3. The Vanguard class is for players who prefer an extremely aggressive play style, being up in the enemies face
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  5. When you reach Class Specialization, the Vanguard can become a Shock Trooper or Nemesis. Alongside Sentinel this is one of the best and most-improved classes in
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So what are ideas or opinions for BEST CLASS for ME3 single player? I played ME1-3 originally male Soldier class. 2nd playthrough as femshep, Infiltrator. ME3 I Every class has its perks, and each changes as Mass Effect progresses. Vanguards are a remarkably fragile class for someone who literally throws themselves at For Mass Effect on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Best and worse classes?

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mass effect classes reddit . mass effect classes reddit. By: In: Uncategorized COMMENTS: 0. 23 May. Garrus and Ashely are one of Mass Effect's best squads in combat. When leveled up and holding powerful weapons, the pair have a really good damage output. And as

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